From Killer Stuff and Tons of Money by Maureen Stanton (The Penguin Press, 2011), quoting antique dealer Curtis Avery:

“People want to buy antiques, but they don’t know what to buy and how much to pay. And they don’t have time to care. If people could just learn about antiques, they would never buy anything new again, at least not some things. They have two SUVs and a $495,000 home that they fill with junk from Pier 1. Why would you buy a $495,000 house and put $18 things in it? It makes no sense. They settle for the fake thing that has absolutely none of the charm and intrinsic value. You would be so much better off spending the money and buying the thing that’s real. I have a cupboard like that in my bedroom. I love that thing. It’s wonderful, it’s so original. And every time I walk by it I get this warm, fuzzy feeling. You never get that feeling from a fake, pretend thing. It’s like you are ripping yourself off.”