Meet Xero, the office cat at Americana Journal.

Whether it’s a new reference book that’s just arrived for review or an antique that makes its way into the office, Xero is there to check it out. He quickly made himself comfortable on the Jacquard coverlet I purchased yesterday. It wasn’t intentional, but in the photo he’s hiding the most intriguing part of that textile.

What’s Xero covering up? I’ll have the answer in an Americana Journal entry later this weekend.

As for the cat, a little history. Xero is approximately 4 years old and was adopted from the local animal shelter. In a way he was an afterthought, but a good one. Liz and I had gone to the humane society to adopt a kitten for our daughters. That black-and-gray tiger, which the girls named Picasso, became a beloved house cat.

But after getting home that day, I couldn’t stop thinking about a playful gray cat in another cage. The next morning, which was the day before Christmas, I went back and adopted Xero.

He’s a good fit for the office. And, he does seem to know a good coverlet when he sees one.

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