A single jail cell sold by Garth’s. (Photo: Garth’s Auctions)

Monopoly it isn’t.

When Garth’s sold a 19th-century, strap-iron jail cell on September 1 as part of the company’s annual Labor Day Weekend Auction, someone went directly to jail. The winning bidder did not pass GO and did not collect $200. Instead, the person paid $3,055 to own the one-room cell that came from Union County, Ohio.

As for accommodations, this was certainly no five-star hotel. At 86 inches high, 62 inches wide and 86 inches deep, there was little room for much more than a cot and a bit of walking space.

It’s odd enough to find one vintage jell cell. Stranger yet is that two were available in little more than a week.

On September 9 in northeast Nebraska, MCHJ Auctioneers and Aumann Auctions sold a two-room, strap-iron jail cell from Pierce County, Nebraska. No dimensions were provided, but the item was said to weigh 12 tons. The double cell, rusted from years of exposure to the elements, realized $2,600.

A double jail cell prior to being sold in Nebraska. (Photo: Aumann Auctions)